The 1944 Prospectus for "purchasing and developing this design."

Mfg. by N. B. Rich Company
Boston Municipal Airport

Outstanding Improved Features • Type of Construction and Reasons for Selection
Production Possibilities • Adaptability of Design to Larger Models

Nelson B. Rich Airplane Co.
Created: East Boston (Logan) Airport, Mass. - 1939
The Ending — Center Tuftonboro, NH & Sun 'n Fun
by Alberta L. Rich with minor editing by David N. Rich

In 1945, the Rich Twin's 36', full cantilever wing, entered its last resting place in our barn in Center Tuftonboro, N. H.

It had been stored elsewhere during WWII, following Bud's having set up a course for aircraft mechanics in the then new Springfield, MA Trade School, just before the U.S. entered the War. As a hands on project, along with a 1000 h.p. P & W engine Bud acquired for the school, his students worked to restore the Rich Twin's fuselage. This was needed (tho' not completed) because when Bud had been taking off from the Beverly, MA Airport, he got the Tower's red light--and found the fuselage, roaring flames behind him. ( A wire of the fuel pump hook-up caused it.)

In about 1959, when we sold the farmhouse and 16 of our 82 acres, unknown to Berta, Bud towed the wing to the middle of our largest field and burned it. Probably one of the most difficult things he has ever done ... With the fuselage in disrepair, further promotion of the airplane seemed hopeless.

The wings or the Rich-Twin at Rich Acres farm.
November 10, 1949

When we learned that the Rich Twin might still have a future, it was fortuitous in timing because son David Rich's large house at 58 South Main St. in Wolfeboro, N. H. (a town on Lake Winnipesaukee) was listed for sale. Dave and family, were anticipating a move to Titusville, FL and didn't know what to do with the fuselage and tail stored under his barn. Then Dave and his son Ben, made trips to our former farm property dump in Tuftonboro, 8 miles away, and salvaged as many parts as they could. So the Rich Twin's coming to life could be a family venture.
Ben helping Dave uncover parts of the Rich-Twin from the farm dump.
Ben Rich extricating Rich-Twin components from the Rich Acres Farm dump. May, 1991
Some of the Rich-Twin parts retreived from the farm dump.
Some of the Rich-Twin parts retrieved from the Rich Acres Farm dump. May, 1991

Rich-Twin skeletal frame on way to Sun 'n Fun - 8/91

Titusville, FL - 8/19/91 — A skeletal Rich Twin fuselage frame on its way thru Titusville to Lakeland. Son Dave & his son Ben, salvaged the parts in N.H.; son Al loaded and brought them south in his Solar business (Herndon, VA) truck.

Rich-Twin collage in Lakeland #1
Collage of the Rich-Twin hanging above the water fountain at the old Sun 'n Fun museum building - April 14, 1995.
Rich-Twin collage in Lakeland #2
Berta Rich made this collage in collaboration with Mr. Arthur Henderson, manager of Sun'n' Fun Museum - April 14, 1995.
Rich-Twin skeletal frame Lakeland- 4/95 - Ron Dahly & Bud Rich
Dick Mutschler & Bud Rich viewing the Rich-Twin skeletal frames in Lakeland - 4/95
April 13, 1991 - We met Ron Dahly, Jr. in the temporary, new Antique Aircraft Museum at the Lakeland Fly-In. We showed him a tiny snapshot of the Rich Twin, and with enthusiasm for any remaining components he suggested we contact his father, Ron Dahly, Sr., Director. NOW THE REMAINING, RUSTY COMPONENTS OF THE FUSELAGE, TAIL SURFACES SPUN ALUMINUM NOSE CONE, ETC. ARE RESTING SAFELY IN THE Museum's restoration building.

As of the creation of this page in September, 2018 no one has been in touch with Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland for many years. It would be interesting to find out what has become of the last pieces of the Rich-Twin.

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