Nelson B. Rich Airplane Co.
East Boston Airport (Logan) MA. - 1939


Specifications article in -Aerosphere- about the Rich-Twin in 1939.

Rich-Twin 1-X-A
2 or 3 Place
Private and Commercial Aircraft
A.T.C. Pending

SPECIFICATIONS: Span 35 ft. Length 22 ft. Height 6 ft. 8 in. Wing area 140 sq. ft. Power loading 10.7 lb./hp. Wing loading 11.5 lb./sq ft. Empty weight 1,000 lb. Useful load 600 lb. Gross weight 1,600 lb. Fuel 26 gal. Oil 2 gal.

CONSTRUCTION: Fuselage; fabric-covered welded steel tube structure, enclosed cabin, dual controls, cabin door forward of wing, baggage compartment. Wings; full cantilever, semi-monospar of plywood with rigid box spar and nose section, nine-foot wing flap with three positions. Tail Group; fabric covered welded steel tube structures, twin fins and rudders, tail plane braced by Vee struts. Landing gear; tricycle type, steerable nose wheel, partly retractable landing wheels.



STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Goodrich tires. Hayes hydraulic brakes. Plexiglas windshield. Oleo shock absorbers. Sensenich propellers.

INSTRUMENTS: Compass, airspeed indicator, rate of climb indicator, sensitive altimeter, turn and bank indicator, electric clock, fuel pressure gauge and a standard group of engine instruments, including Waltham tachometers and oil gauges.

PERFORANCE: Maximum speed 135 m.p.h. Cruising speed 115 m.p.h. Landing speed 48 m.p.h. Service ceiling 14,000 ft. Rate of climb 850 ft./min. Cruising range 350 m.

ENGINES: Lycoming O-145-C1, (2) 75 hp. At 3100 r.p.m.


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