Nelson B. Rich Airplane Co.
East Boston Airport (Logan) MA. - 1939

Jane's * All the World's Aircraft -- 1941 Edition

Jane's 1941 edtion entry on the Rich-Twin.

This December, 2010 copy of this 1941 entry was supplied by the Department of
Research & Information Services, Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, London.
I thank them for their timely response to my request for a clear copy.


RICH.           U.S.A.           (209c)

The Rich-Twin Model 1-X-2 Two-seat Cabin Monoplane (two 75 h.p. Lycoming GO-145 engines).


President: Nelson B. Rich.
Chief Engineer: H. Withington.
Manager: A. L. Pigon.

The N. B. Rich Airplane Co. has designed and built the Rich-Twin two-seat twin-engined cabin monoplane. The experimental prototype is described and illustrated below. It is not likely to go into production as the Rich-Twin is essentially a private-owner type and the directing of labour, materials and capital to National Defence industries has made it difficult to continue manufacture. In the meantime plans are being developed for a four-seat model and manufacture is expected to resume at a later date.


TYPE. - Twin-engined two-seat cabin monoplane.
WINGS. - Low-wing cantilever monoplane. Rectangular centre-section carries at its extremities two pylons for the engines, which are braced to the top fuselage longerons, and the main landing-wheel housings. Outer tapering wing sections. Wing structure of wood with two spruce and plywood box-spars and plywood covering. Single three-position landing-flap of duralumin construction under centre-section.
FUSELAGE. - Rectangular welded steel-tube framework covered with fabric.
TAIL UNIT. - Braced monoplane type with twin fins and rudders. Welded steel framework covered with fabric.
UNDERCARRIAGE. - Tricycle type. Main wheels, enclosed in streamline housings, are semi-retractable. Steerable nose-wheel. Oleo-pneumatic shock-absorber struts.
POWER PLANT. - Two 75 h.p. Lycoming GO-145 four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled geared engines mounted on welded chromed molybdenum steel-tube pylons, one on each side of the fuselage, at the extremities of the centre-section and driving pusher airscrews.
ACCOMMODATION. - Cabin in nose of fuselage seating two side-by-side with dual controls. Large entrance door on each side of cabin. Baggage space behind seats.
DIMENSIONS. - Span 35 ft. (10.67 m.). Length 22 ft. (6.7 m.), Height 6 ft. 8 in. (2 m.), Wing area 140 sq. ft. (13 sq. m.).
WEIGHTS AND LOADINGS. - Weight empty 1,000 lbs. (454 kg.), Disposable load 600 lbs. (272 kg.), Weight loaded 1,600 lbs. (726.4 kg.), Wing loading 11.5 lbs./sq. ft. (56.1 kg./sq.m.), Power loading 10.7 lbs./h.p. (4.85 kg./h.p.).
PERFORMANCE. - Maximum speed 135 m.p.h. (216 km.h.), Cruising speed 115 m.p.h. (184 km.h.), Landing speed 48 m.p.h. (77 km.h.), Initial rate of climb 850 ft./min. (260 m./min.), Service ceiling 14,000 ft. (4,270 m.), Cruising range 405 miles (648 km.).


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